CTD project

We are currently contributing to collaborative project for RFID applications in   the healthcare industry called Common Technological Development (CTD). It gathers 6 hospitals, 9 firms and 3 academic institutions to improve traceability of medical devices and risk management. The CTD project is supported by the DGCIS (General Competition and Services Ministry).
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Surgery Instrument with RFID tags
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COMMHIT Association
COMMHIT (Communities about Healthcare and Information Technologies) is an independent association aimed at developing and expanding good practices about using information technologies in hospitals. Its approach is based on sharing experiences and building communities of practice.

NOPTAVEN is a consultant firm in innovation management. It works on RFID projects and carries out studies in relation with the RFID Lab. NOVAPTEN, via its Novapten Virtual Team subsidiary, can coordinate projects between industries and labs.


CRG’s Management Research Center of the Ecole Polytechnique pursues research operations in partnership with major actors of the administration and business world. CRG is hosting the Orange Chair on Innovation and Regulation in Digital Services directed by Chairman Pierre-Jean Benghozi and gathering Ecole polytechnique, Telecom ParisTech and Orange Group. In particular, 2 years ago, the chair launched a research partnership with ESCP Europe for: research projects and publications on The Internet of Things, organization of conferences on RFID and Health to analyze factors that impact the diffusion of RFID and the effects of RFID solutions on organizations, value chains and performance within the healthcare industry and supervision of students’ works.